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#Rpm is complete!!! (Artwork + Mastering is left)

So I put the final stamp on song4 tonight and left it as is. I fell in love with the way it was and didn’t want to change it. I’ll wait till tomorrow to post it as Mark will be working on the mix. This isn’t a time yet to reflect, as I’m going over the artwork tomorrow with Phil (the bass player) and using photos that my wife took when we visited Albany in Western Australia. I’ll announce what the album is going to be called with song names and an order, which my mate Brendan is going to help me out with. I love my friends, and I am learning to let go, and I am excited about what that might mean for me (hunz) this year.


On Saturday I will be mastering the album at Mathew Gray Mastering, and then it’ll be sent off to #Rpm and then posted on the internet (.mp3) shortly after with the original Renoise files to follow in the next weeks. Each .xrns file is around 20-30megs on average. Anyone feel like doing mirror to help with server load? Drop me an email.


I’ve kept 1 song secret from everyone, so there is a surprise on the album too. Take a look around the site to see what madness spewed forth from February. Thank you dearly esp to my wife, Danielle, who sacrificed so much. I love you.

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5 Responses to “#Rpm is complete!!! (Artwork + Mastering is left)”

  1. Jonathan Scary Says:

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait (especially for the surprise song: intriguing).

  2. Andrew McMillen Says:

    Break out the champagne! ‘grats dude, look forward to the finished product.

  3. Brendan Says:

    Awesome. Really looking forward to kicking back and giving the whole thing a listen through. :)

  4. Nicheno Says:

    Right on time (as expected). No doubt that artwork will be amazing as on debut album.
    We’ll all have to thank Danielle (not only you) :)

  5. Nicheno Says:

    Which reminds me, what happened with song 4?

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