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#Rpm Day9 Song8 V1

I almost just did nothing tonight. I feel blah about this tune. Purely because i wrote it for the sake of it, and it just highlights my style and the band cliche’s within it. I could be WAY off the mark but ‘eh. Did I mention it’s incredibly hot tonight, and I hate the heat. :sad: My perfect day is rainy but being indoors, and that coolness greets you. You taunt me so!!


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Hunz Song8 V1

  • Created an instrument
  • I drew in the sine wave (I love renoise for this feature .. F11 (use 32bit) and then Ctrl+Shift+D and draw in the sample editor
  • I tweaked it in the Instrument editor. Using Pans/Volume and some Automation, it made me feel like I was listening to Plaid (I love that band)
  • Started playing in notes and put the click track on and something stuck out
  • I REALLY want to do a sliding bass song .. like a Fret less but crazy
  • My Microphone was setup, so I started singing melodies I was hearing. I like High parts that switch to low and then wobble around the breaking point (think Zombie by The Cranberries here people)
  • I’m feeling indifferent but I needed to get something out tonight.


Time for me to sleep. I have a 6am start in the morning, so FEAR my state in the morning. Thanks for all your wonderful words for the 1st song too.


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4 Responses to “#Rpm Day9 Song8 V1”

  1. brendan Says:

    This is so brutally dark. That noisy base has so much depth. It has an almost palpable pain to it, not sure if that’s the intention but it works, the whole thing just works. Very cool.

  2. Richie Says:

    My favourite so far, cant get past that bass sound and great vocal melody. definately need to finish this one :)

  3. hunz Says:

    Oh man. Version 4 of this song is where it’s going and it’s so different. I think I Should I split this one out and make it song 10. Allright.

  4. Richie Says:

    yes yes do split it!! :)

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