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#Rpm Day8 Song1 V5

Should have seen this one coming but I’m an animator so I used the codes we use for saving our files. I’ve now decided to change them around. So I’ll have the day we are up too what song I’m working on (until it gets a name) and what version I’m up too. I hope that makes sense.


After going to mr.maps cd launch last night I’ve been feeling that wind of music underneath me where everything and anything is possible. Please if you haven’t checked them out, do. It was an amazing experience that I would repeat again tonight if he was doing another show. So I present to you my 1st completed tune. I need names people and I’m not precious about these things so gimme something and I’ll tag it.


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Hunz Song1 Version05


Well take my heart
and break it down, won’t you?
yeah, tear it apart
This broken heart. yes you!
and once that’s done
we’ll build it up. won’t we?
we’ll cram it full
of promises won. won’t we?


and it’s a long road
It’s a long road


Let’s make a start
Let’s make a start to this
this cuts so deep
I need loves thread to stitch this
And when it’s done
we’ll have to run from here
the past has drawers
that store the oldest old ways


and it’s a long road
It’s a long road too


I dream of a day when it all feels truly clear
those clouds just disappeared as I’m watching them go
I dream of a day when it all feels truly clear
those clouds just disappeared as I’m watching them go


and it’s a long road
It’s a long road too (I’m trying find it)


  • Created new drum roll end with bass matching for 2nd pattern in verse
  • Adding synth notes for the verse parts to expand later on and build up in the song.
  • I love cutting notes (using the F1 -> F4 in the volume chn) because it creates this fake guitar effect of muting the notes on the down/up strum
  • Refined the lead
  • Placed some bass movements to compliment
  • Started hearing different notes
  • Striped it back again to listen to better setups
  • Found something that flows
  • Heard vocal part – laying it down
  • going to change the bass to move more
  • Going into arrange mode.
  • I’m finding the grooves I want people to remember
  • The whole Mmmm .. Ahhhh vocal thing I really want people to hear
  • So I’m featuring it before I go into the verse and then turning it down.
  • Putting Light 2 note chords on each 1 hit to create a shell and more melody for the verse
  • Lunch/Breakfast break
  • Placed bass root notes underneath chorus part
  • It created something cliche but I liked it.
  • I started singing something over the top
  • Created a new part and am ditching the previously made one for now
  • Going back to the verse part and changing the octave of notes
  • It’s got some of that backbone that I love, means it creating a light atmosphere where the vocals can carrier the rest.
  • Writing lyrics
  • Recording verse lyrics still unsure about the melody for the chorus.
  • Arranging and pulling parts in and out.
  • Deciding on the 2nd verse to drop all the kit out and pump through a new bass/chord progression over the vocals
  • Will continue that for a broken chorus.
  • Didn’t think the broken chorus would work.
  • I’m so over the chorus, I think it’s lame.
  • I’ve changed the mid8 into the chorus.
  • My wife came in and listened to it.
  • She thinks I need food before deciding what to do.
  • Food.
  • Food helped! I have more of an idea.
  • I’m going to work on the old chorus now. Create layers and get the essence of it out.
  • Singing in counter parts and melodies
  • Constructing the outtro bridge
  • And am putting on a ending that I’ve never done before.
  • A chorus with no pull back into it. It just plays out.


So how do I feel about this song. I’m not loving the chorus. I find it too, um, upbeat or something or comical. Don’t know. I do know it’s catchy and I enjoyed it when I wrote it and then when I 1st heard it back. So I’m holding on to that. I like the feel of the overall song and I like how it’s paced. Highlights for me are the 2nd chorus with all the layers of vocals and then the break out from the drum beat into something that just lets go. Anyways, I’ll be moving into new stuff tomorrow night.


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6 Responses to “#Rpm Day8 Song1 V5”

  1. FlesHBoX Says:

    I like it. It does feel like it needs something like, maybe a cherry on top kind of thing maybe. That being said, I would love listening to it as is. I think that the obvious suggestion for a name would be “Long Road” but I’ve always tended to like song titles that are not taken directly from the song, so I just can’t recommend that :)

  2. Triangle Square Says:

    This is a great song. “long Road” would probably best suit this song for a title. I would really like to hear a finished version of the song you started on day 3. I think it has trmendous potential and its my favorite song so far.

    Keep it Real,
    Triangle Square

  3. Nick Ordes Says:

    ‘Too Long’ or ‘I Dream’ sounds like a good name to me…
    I like this song a lot!

  4. hunz Says:

    I think ‘long road’ is a winner. Sorry @nick Ordes.

    @FlesHBoX I feel like a cherry is needed in this song too and I’m hoping I can do some arrangement work later on to enhance the essence of the track. The other thing I’m always told by producers is not all songs need to be 100% that way it works better on an album but I’ll make that choice later on. Thanks everyone for the feedback .. so GREAT to have input.

    @Triangle Square yeah, I can’t wait to work on that one. I might end up saving it .. lol.

  5. Phil Says:

    You continue to come up with the goods hunz. I like the name ‘long road’ too.

  6. lalalian Says:


    this is so lovely! {:->

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