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#Rpm Day7 Song6 v3

So my ears are still ringing from the show last night, which was awesome, thanks for asking :P . Yeah, I forgot my ear plugs. My voice is a little rougher as well due to my live voice being a bit more pushed (still working on that). Special hello to everyone that managed to come, hope you had a wonderful night.

I picked up the Rpm06 Sketch and knew I wanted to take it some where. It had some new elements in it that I’ve never done before, one being the snare split with a one shot LFO trigger. I straighten the beat out more and made it less complicated so the bass could weave in and out of it creating some complexity. It’s important to me that people can hear each element and enjoy it even when everything is on UNLESS it’s intentional and you want to drown people in a sound mess. I also love dorky moments in song take the string line for example. I shifted it down an octave from is original sample tone and then Just ran it down in tones / semitones it is so .. errr .. dorky sounding but when it hits together I feel like it’s weaves through with intention.

Have a listen to where that beat went and I’m rather happy with it. Don’t know if this is a chorus or middle 8. It could be a verse but I think it’s too high and not a “the song has started” moment. I am up for something new though so maybe I should ditch that mentality OR I could let the song breath and do it’s own thing (which is always what I do, after thinking about it too much)

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Hunz RPM06 03

  • Don’t really like the loop, Don’t like how it delays the snare. IT’s what I use to do and I need to move forward.
  • Constructing something different and listening to the sounds to see if works together.
  • I love lowering things, So I’ve lowered kick and the Snare
  • I straighten the loop out lowered more things and created some nice snare cascades.
  • Placed a simple hi hat in there
  • Found a bass line that was just pulsey
  • heard a melody for a synth line
  • slowed the track down too bpm125
  • Want the drums to follow the lead create more space.
  • Leaving kick and snare on with lead to create a beat.
  • Changed Bass to suit sounds more random but punches on melodies
  • Sped the track up to 138bpm
  • Not to happy with the kick going to mix a pure sound with it (later on)
  • Layered vocals through the mix
  • I’m happy with this sketch for now
  • doing a quick arrangement for your listening pleasure
  • Sketch over for the day


Have a really busy afternoon but a good one none the less. Going to picnic to say farewell to a friend of mine. Then later going to see mr.maps launch their cd. Should be an awesome night.

I’ll catch you guys tomorrow as I have a full day to work on something. Should I do something new? Or should I complete something old? Make some suggestions by leaving a comment.

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4 Responses to “#Rpm Day7 Song6 v3”

  1. Steven Says:

    I say finish something old. I can hear this as a verse.

  2. urbster1 Says:

    I assume that doing something new would result in a new preview, and I’m all up for that!

  3. hunz Says:

    Mmm, this is awesome, lol. I’m sitting at 50/50 for tomorrow now .. Anyone want to tip the balance? :D

  4. FlesHBoX Says:

    I really enjoy the vibe of this one. Maybe not necessarily needing to go with something new, but possibly accent something old with something new. One thing that I have always loved about your music is that you aren’t afraid to mix styles and it always comes out well.

    I like the smoothness of this mixed with the “jamm” feeling that makes one move their body, I’d really love to hear it finished.

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