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#Rpm Day7 Song7 v1

It’s amazing what can happen in a few moments. I heard a melody in my head. I played it in. I added the bass line. Added arpeggiating sequences (ever since my wife has been playing Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd I’ve been loving the downward type). I heard a vocal melody. I hummed it in. 10 mins past and I have a sketch to play with tomorrow.


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4 Responses to “#Rpm Day7 Song7 v1”

  1. Eric Hamilton Says:

    I have been obsessed with downward arpeggios since December ’07. Can’t stop using them.

  2. hunz Says:

    Yeah, layering a harmony with it will help break it down more. I just love how it falls down instead of rising up. So strange you just never break apart things like that until you hear how effective it is.

  3. brendan Says:

    Wow, this is going to end up being a massive track. There are just so many places you could take this, and it is absolutely crying out for off-beat clicks.. heh. Awesome stuff.

  4. FlesHBoX Says:

    I’m with brendan on this one. lots of potential in this one. Pink Floyd is never a bad inspiration either :)

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