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#Rpm Day5 Song6 v1

I had to work back late today to finish up something. So I decided to have an earlier night. I have a show tomorrow so I thought I would do a run down of how I set up a beat (backbone). I use renoise so if you do, then this will be helpful(ish). It’s not a fantastic beat but it’s what I’ll call a skeleton. What I do next is listen to notes and freq’s with in the pattern I’ve created and see if synth/bass or vocal lines comes out of it. That might sound strange but if you listen hard enough (hopefully the mp3 conversion hasn’t killed it) you can hear the bass notes I put in on the last 4 (or is that 8) bar counts coming out of the kick pattern.

Tonight’s audio preview has only drums in it. And goes. Kick pattern, Kick + hats pattern, Kick + hats + snare pattern and then the bass notes I hear in the kick. I personally don’t like what the kick gave me as a melody so I’ll start playing with that later.

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Hunz RPM06 01

  • Bringing in a loop to just sketch a drum loop.
  • Find some old vinyl thing
  • Chopped up and pulled out 2 Kicks, 2 Snares and a Hihat
  • I personally like working with recorded loops they have have character in them e.g. Hisses, rooms ambient and crowd noises.
  • I love how you can extend samples (e.g. looping) and cut them off (e.g volume ramping) to create counter rhythms.
  • Working on the kick pattern 1st
  • Looped one of the kick and then pitch shifted it for snare hit with quick volume off
  • Pitch shifted it down a few notes so it hit 80hrz range.
  • Eq it pretty harshly pulled tones I didn’t want out
  • Pushed tones I did want in.
  • Adding Hats before Snare
  • Hat sample is very Clicky heavy so I’ll be using offset (900) command in renoise to cut into it at certain points.
  • I’ll also be looping it to create dorky open hats.
  • Pitched them up a little
  • Created something to counter hit the kick pattern
  • it creates some welcomed awkwardness.
  • Placed snare on 2 and 4 then 2 and 4.5 I love delaying snares.
  • Eqing Hi hats
  • Whistling Freq (4000hz range pulled down) added 4octave around 8000hz for crisp.
  • Soloing the Snare, listening.
  • It’s a yucky Snare that I’m going to attempt to thicken with Chorus and Eqing
  • Distortion Chorus added more Freq to split
  • Splitting Freqs to Sends
  • With the Low Freq I’m going to put a reverb on them very long and then Gate it quickly.
  • I’m going to use the LFO device to Env the Gainer Gain
  • I’m resetting the One Shot every time the snare triggers
  • So I can adjust the Gate Evelope on the LFO device
  • Sending both snare sends to a master they need to be compressed and sound unified more.
  • I’m Bus compressing them and this is how I use the compressor
  • I push the threshold right down to -50
  • I set the ratio to 5:1
  • Now because this is a snare I like it when some of it’s crack comes through.
  • I increase the attack until I hear the snare crack
  • This case it’s around 350.
  • So after 350ms the 5:1 ratio is going to kick in and compress the snare
  • the release is just after it’s compressed that threshold setting how quickly it’ll release it back into an uncompressed signal.
  • I’m moving the threshold up and the ratio to be less severe
  • and placed some makeup on it (no not lipstick :D )
  • Made some minor tweaks to get more range
  • If I place a snare in with out triggering the LFO in the Low send it creates and awesome crack.
  • Creating counter beats with this crack.
  • Panning Hats around.
  • Drawing in Bass sample.
  • Placed bass pattern in it’s just following the awkward.
  • That’s all for tonight.

I also want to add “I’m no expert”. I just like sound and try my best to bring it together. If technically I’ve done the wrong thing with compression then please let me know. I’m always in a state of learning. On listening through it again, I think the compression on the snare is a bit severe and I’ll fix that later.

If you are around (Brisbane, Australia) please drop into my show at the troubadour tomorrow night. It should be a freek’n great night. I’ll be on around 8:30ish. Which means that I will not be posting tomorrow. :cry:

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