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#Rpm Day4 Song5 v2

So it wasn’t another easy night. It started off with me plugging in my usb synth keyboard, I normally just use the laptop keys to create music. I thought playing and singing would help, and then I could lay it all down. You know, do something different. I came up with this very neat chord progression, and then everything just fell apart after I placed it in renoise and tried to find a vocal melody over it. I tried to push it here and there, but nothing would work. I let it breathe and just wrote what came back, and this is the result.

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Hunz RPM05 02

  • Wanting to write something a bit more epic sounding
  • Came up with a nice unresolved chord progression
  • The sample I drew in and made into an instrument is demanding more of the spotlight
  • New progress came with playing on the synth keyboard
  • Expanded this out
  • Happy with how it sounds
  • Pulled in various snare/hats/kicks I’ve collected
  • heard a very strong beat as the notes played through ..
  • been mixing in headphones :cry:
  • about to change over to speakers
  • Sounds ok
  • Placed everything together
  • it just sounds normal :cry:
  • tweaking things a bit
  • Scrapped movement completely
  • Twisted drum timing around (snare – Kick)
  • Trying to just make the 10pm Deadline
  • Mix is terrible but a concept is there not very happy with this one either

I am so exhausted. I almost took tonight off to rest up (after my 1am last night), but I just needed to reach the half way mark for the 1st phase of writing. I secretly want to complete 11 – 12 tunes and then select the 10 that will work together.. shhh. I also fear the fact that most of these songs lack some middle8 movements .. Hope you are enjoying the journey. It’s certainly different to churn songs out night after night. I usually only write when I feel like it, so I find myself trying to put myself in the mood to write. I have to shout out to my amazing wife too, Thank you! On another note, I kinda regret putting (with previews) in the title .. lulz

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2 Responses to “#Rpm Day4 Song5 v2”

  1. Phil Says:

    I love the music you’re coming up with at the moment Hunz!

  2. FlesHBoX Says:

    It’s very interesting to see the creation process. Hearing the final product makes it sound so easy. It’s kind of good to see that someone I consider a musical genius sometimes has to struggle :) kind of inspiring.

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