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#Rpm Day24 Song8 v6

Completed Song 7 this morning and then completed 8 this afternoon and about to–trumpet sound please–finish up the last song. Really enjoyed working on this song, AND I just noticed the guitar parts I had done by a friend in Nashville are too loud in the mix which I’ll fix later. Big thanks go to everyone leaving constructive comments. I get so caught up in everything that I forget to get a new perspective on the songs. Both Roma Loom and Nicheno have suggested and said things that have really rung true with me and changed the flow of this song and the the other 2 I was working on. So thank you! If you have ideas you wish to add, it’s getting too tight to change things up, hope you enjoy it, I certainly have even though I’m whiny to my wife a lot .. :P


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Hunz Song8 Version6


I’m holding up this stop
This bus will come undone
All eyes are looking forward
it’s time to end this run


And I know, what you do to me
you said hello and I followed you
my friends they just cautioned me
and I just followed


I want to go right there
but if we can’t lets fight
I’ll offer up my arms high
I’ll even say your right


And I know, what you do to me
you said hello and I followed you
my friends they just cautioned me
and I just followed


  • Listening through. Song has all the parts, I just have to vocal it all now.
  • My cat just walked over to me, haha. I think he thinks I’m hurting, but I’m singing the chorus.
  • Hearing little background vocals in the chorus that are snappy and will lead into this bridge I have setup.
  • Putting strange distortion on verse vocals that is making it sound neat and placing building-up delays behind it to turn on and off with the beat.
  • Been having major Asio driver issues with my fireface400. It just starts stuttering within renoise and then stops working. Right now I didn’t save before reinitialize. Think I lost a chunk of work, just hoping vocals aren’t gone.
  • Ugh, resetting renoise T_T
  • Just lost all my 1st verse vocal automations. I save a lot when I make changes to songs so .. phew
  • Will continue to arrange this tune.
  • Lunch.
  • Completing out the arrangement going to keep this simple and clean. Created severe cut-off effect to accentuate the awesome mindblowing – ed. my wife is rewriting this :( groove.
  • Added Jesse Palmer’s Guitar parts. He’s a mate of mine in Nashville who I asked to write some parts for it .. THANK YOU!
  • created happy ending, why? Dunno, just felt like it could do it .. hehe
  • Wow, I think I mixed Jesse’s parts way too loud; I’ll fix that later .. eeep.


Wish me luck on the last tune people.


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3 Responses to “#Rpm Day24 Song8 v6”

  1. Roma Loom Says:

    Damn it. Your songs are like Nine Inch Nails latest albums’ songs. The fist time you think like wtf? this is confusing… then you listen to it again and the third time and then, finally you are coming to a conclusion that this is really beautiful and complex thingy, with dozens of layers, harmonically synchronized and mixed. And though all these tracks carry easily recognizable “hunz” style (for me personally) every song is still different and kinda “standalone” piece of art. Thank you man. My lastfm page is overdozed with Your tracks carefully taken from my browser cache :D

  2. Roma Loom Says:

    Also I was really surprized how many [sub]patterns and pieces I’ve discovered for myself today listening rpm songs in the car even though I have pretty awful accoustics there :)

  3. Eric Hamilton Says:

    I am loving the chorus on this one, but the mix is pretty raw. Can’t wait to hear this one polished! It may become a favorite. =)

    This is going to be one hell of a good album!

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