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#Rpm Day22 Song7 v3

When I loaded this up, it was the rough, rough sketch that took me 20mins to put together. It sounded old, and I was happy with it. Old as in “90′s power rock ballad” old. I’ve just kept this with no drums and feel like it really works. Just needs either another part or two to end. We’ll see what inspires as the week unfolds. Excuse the bad edits here and there ..


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Hunz Song7 Version3


There’s a car in the meadow
I hear talk from the inside of it
but I am driver
And I’ve lost the road underneath


Move forward, it’s already crowded here.
Well I can’t move, I’ve complicated fears.


I can’t take your suggestions
Cause my brain doesn’t seem to agree
So it’s best if we bargain
for the ownership of the key


Move forward, it’s already crowded here.
and I can’t move, I have complicated fears.


  • Drawing in bass sample
  • Found a nice tone
  • Going to growl it a bit using the instrument setup
  • Trying to find a distorted guitar like sound over the top
  • Found over top sound shaping things around
  • Don’t think I’ll put drums in this song at all
  • Time for bed, although I think the neighbors have other plans T_T it’s 11pm people.
  • Early morning so I can get stuck into this.
  • Just discovered the humanize button
  • Trying to get the bass sounding more random
  • Hearing other random notes now going to put them in.
  • Still sticking to the no drum feeling
  • but it feels a bit, eer .. Old.
  • Need a break for this for now it’s feel a bit crappy.
  • Listening again, I think I feel the love for it again.
  • Adding more instrumentation to the chorus
  • Redid the vocal parts for the chorus
  • Playing with the bass in the verse to add variation
  • Going to keep the bass the same
  • Like where it’s heading it’s simple and emotive.
  • will take a few more hours to complete this one.


Ok sleep time.


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5 Responses to “#Rpm Day22 Song7 v3”

  1. Nicheno Says:

    First I hope that you will not add drums to this one, it really works it’s way well enough without them. Not happy with vocal on first chorus ( really don’t know why ), maybe it burst so sudden, so high. Maybe it’s just me and I should listen it few more times. After second chorus that change of tempo with that short tune is maybe something you should work on to the longer end without any vocals further. It sounds very promising. I know that it’s hard for a singer to make a longer instrumental parts, but hey… your voice is amazing, you control it extremly well, but let us ( or at least me ) enjoy in your capabilities of making music that’s sometimes overshadowed by your voice and occasional there a piece of jewell beneath. Again, bravo M8!

  2. hunz Says:

    Dude, thanks for the feedback. I think the edits (that are not fixed) make this hard to listen to so I’ll smooth them out asap. As for melodies vs singing. I agree, I tend to use my voice like an instrument these days and it’s really ok to let things sit without it and use an actual instrument .. thanks for the reminder again :D

  3. Triangle Square Says:

    This song is great.
    It has a nice Telefon Tel Aviv sound to it.

  4. mdevolving Says:

    i really like the chimey/tiney keyboard part behind the chorus. that really stuck as something different and awesome.

  5. Richie Says:

    Love it, no drums espcially lets the song breathe. Favourite so far!

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