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#Rpm Day22 Song3 v2

I really think this song has a lot going for it I only hope I pushed it in the right direction. The problem is, if I didn’t, then I don’t have time to fix it up and tomorrow for me will tell if I did. I think it’s got a good 4-6hrs left in it to fix it up so I’m hoping I can do that this week. Scarey. I have 4 tunes to compelete out T_T


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Hunz Song3 Version2


Couldn’t take this morphine
Even if it’s a craze
I’m so dumb I’m trying
to keep up with my age, oh no!
I’m so dark from hiding
But I’ve turned out ok
so much is overdone it’s
all feeling tame


Soon, Soon, Soon, soon.


To take it all it’ll break our knees
Consume more, it is our disease


the push keeps on pushing
through one shape that aint new
our heart ache is dire
money wraps it with glue, oh no!
I’ll keep up till happy
and I’m told it will do
this style is not my choice
I’m a product of you


Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon.
I am seeing life
Beating up on me
I want it to stop
someone help me, please.


To take it all it’ll break our knees
Consume more, it is our disease


  • Listening through it all
  • It’s all very strong so I’m just going to arrange this out and see what happens.
  • Finding some nice hidden patterns I threw away that fit in.
  • Creating a heavy sung section after the soft chorus
  • I think this will help the cut and paste feel of the song.
  • I am going to have it tack on the end of the chorus to see if it enhances it.
  • Working through the chorus and adding 80′s reverb to snare .. never thought I would hear the day I would say that.
  • Not enjoying the heavy part after the 1st chorus as much as I thought so I’m making a slow part.
  • Not completed but Bouncing the track down for listening.


Time for some sleeps, after my Song7 post.


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2 Responses to “#Rpm Day22 Song3 v2”

  1. Nicheno Says:

    WOW. I must admit that after hearing v01 of this Morphine Thing as I call it, this was most awaited song for me and I must admit that after only v02 it sounds great… even better than expected. Keep up the good work, M8.

  2. Roma Loom Says:

    Haven’t heard the first version. The beginning (first verse) is quite confusing for me, but then, suddenly, the song becomes something really beautiful and oustanding.

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