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#Rpm Day19 Song6 v6

So grateful that I got 2 days off from work. I cleaned up 3 tunes, and they are final. Although I’ve yet to listen through the end changes I made to Song2 which I’ll post in a bit. I managed to finish Song6 and will start work on another one in a little bit. Possible that it’ll be the most loosely sketched one, because the clear ideas just come together with out much effort.


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Hunz Song6 Version6


Oh no, you’re not there, but I see your hair
And I’m tired and I wish you were gone
I might be showing my fear but I’m living in tomorrow.


I wish I could know where my mind goes, oh oh
I guess there is times yesterday shakes today, oh oh.


Oh no, you’re not there, but I see you hair
And I’m tired and I wish you were gone
I might be showing my fear but I’m living in tomorrow


Just because memories flash doesn’t mean your heart agrees
Greedy hands from my mind take them all, far away .. oh


My God will have the victories
My God will tear this apart
Before all time had begotten
A shield was placed in my heart


  • I’m listening through the work
  • Not much left to do but write the lyrics
  • Didn’t want a bridge, but one fell out.
  • Writing more lyrics
  • So I’ve deiced to screw convention
  • chorus / Verse / chorus / Verse then bridge and over
  • It just works, leaves you hanging for more, but that’s what repeat is for :D
  • Happy with this tune now, has it’s own character and I like that.
  • Bouncing down my Rhodes samples.
  • Fixing them up clicking like mad.
  • Happy with the arrangement


Much needed break coming up. Uploading tune to Mr Mark Dollin for the mix and will keep the rpm happening after the break.


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3 Responses to “#Rpm Day19 Song6 v6”

  1. Shawno Says:

    Sounds great! Really like the production and the vocals.

  2. Jonathan Scary Says:

    totally agree. screw convention. can’t remember the last time I heard a song where the chorus happened before the first verse, but it really does work. and the mix works just as well as the arrangement. quality. ;-) js

  3. urbster1 Says:

    Hunz, do you use Renoise live when you perform? I’d love to know more about that, if possible!

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