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#Rpm Day17 Song6 v4

Had an interesting night with this one. Made like 3 different verse parts. Realized they sounded like other things I loved and then made it simpler and simpler until I hit this. It’s so simple but it just flowed.


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Hunz Song6 Version4


  • Loading up Song6.
  • Loving how dorky this song sounds again.
  • Getting into the groove of it to create another movement.
  • Playing with the bass
  • Placing strings in
  • Vocal melody came to me singing in ad lib part
  • Arranging drums to change to suit it more.
  • Deciding to keep this song very, very simple
  • Will add one more instrument
  • Found a nice vocal to lead into the chorus part again
  • It turns out it’s not nice
  • Playing around with the chords at the end just before the chorus part
  • Something fell out as notes were left on; I can hear things I like
  • It’s getting so complicated that I’ve broken for dinner
  • After walking back I decided to sing over the groove of the 1st part and write another melody from it
  • Come up with such a simple simple chord thing that’s been done to death but it works
  • Created some really 8bit synth noises that are like the ghosts in mario.
  • Dinner Break
  • Playing with it some more and came up with 3 different verse ideas
  • made it simple again
  • thickened out harmonies in the chorus
  • made a scat for the verse
  • eeep, it’s late .. time for post


I’m getting so tired now. My throat is so tired, and I’m feeling a bit run down. I’m going to take vitamins before going to bed and try and get some rest. Aiming to take Thursday/Friday off, but we’ll see how that goes.


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