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#Rpm Day14 Song2 V4

It was perfect weather day! The only hitch was getting up at 6am to go to the markets but that’s ok. I started around 12pm, had 3 breaks Lunch, ear break and some kinda dinner desert thing which possibly took 2hrs of my time. I don’t know what it is though, it was such a hard song to make happen. I could hear the melodies bubbling underneath the surface but they wouldn’t come out. I also got stuck in this TRANCE sound and I was just so over it at that point. No one likes the 90′s yet it’s all 80′s people :P It does hug trance a little bit here and there but I’m hoping I pushed it a little .. huh? anyone?.


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Hunz Song02 Version04


F.Y.I. Yeah I know what we do
you’ve got to listen to the past
get this lump off our backs
It’s like a trench dug deeply
with a bad attitude
placed our fingers in our ears
watching lips turn blue


Oooo ooo


The sun comes out

and the shadows are dark
Contemplate all you want

but we’re more like sharks
We circle back again

to the start of the start
and to watch from the side

is just stupid art.


It’s so light
and we’re waiting for
we’re alive
what are we waiting for?


  • Fixing the chorus build up to go somewhere
  • Splitting the Apreggiating Synth into 2 passes so I can Feedback the high end only.
  • Problems with it delaying on the 6th and 8th so I had to pan a bit more.
  • Added synth that links in from the verse
  • Playing with the chorus more
  • Found more unique and simpler vocal lines
  • working on lyrics
  • song is about the worlds apathy
  • Lunch time
  • Came back started arrangement work
  • Created just some nice grooves around the drum line
  • Needs some shakers people.
  • Working out how to approach the chorus type thing
  • it’s too trancey and it is making me cry (not good tears either)
  • I changed the bass movement a little bit
  • Need an ear break.
  • Coming back to listen to it again. I’m enjoying it.
  • Will leave it for now and complete it later.
  • I don’t think I’ll go back to the verse, I’ll just bleed the ending out a lot.


Again, I need a name people. All I can come up with is “Pigs on Wheels” and we all know, that although that’s possibly the BEST song names eva!!, this song is more about sharks and um, Apathy .. Errr, ok, so I’m in a funny mood. Night.


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7 Responses to “#Rpm Day14 Song2 V4”

  1. Eric Hamilton Says:

    This one is inspiring. I might have to do a piano cover.

  2. phil Says:

    Aww man I agree With Eric. You’re coming up with some really great stuff hunz!

  3. brendan Says:

    How about ‘between light and dark’, or simply ‘alive’? Although, “pigs on wheels” is an epic title. Another great track, RPM 09 seems to be agreeing with you. :)

  4. andy Says:

    bah, now you made me want to do RPM myself and there’s only 13 days left. i doubt i’ll reach hunz quality but i can at least try? =D

  5. mr_mark_dollin Says:

    Another vote for “Pigs On Wheels” ;)

  6. Roma Loom Says:

    I think I became addicted with this song. Playing it in the loop for and hour already. Reminds me of my beloved “Ocean from rain”.

  7. FlesHBoX Says:

    I can definitely feel the trance coming through. Then again I’m into trance so yeah. great track. It felt different, yet still ‘Hunz’

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