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#Rpm Day13 Song9 V1

Wow. What a change in pace. It’s my favorite thing. It’s raining, and it’s cold. I have had a rough week at work; there are some major deadlines due over the next few days, and things are just going wrong. It really just nags at you when you are writing, but I decided to not care tonight and just write. I started with something I love doing so it would encourage me to enjoy and forget. I ended up with something so strange that it’s growing on me. The verse part is a bit, bleh, but the chorus is so strange that I’m going to work with it to see what I can squeeze out of it till the end.


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Hunz Song9 V1

  • Looking to tie something from my other album onto this
  • Loaded up the Lounge Lizards Rhodes Vsti
  • Created a nice loop
  • Rendering it to samples for chop-up love
  • I love creating drums from the chopped up instruments.
  • Created basic Kick/Snare Distort
  • Just started hearing melodies and got caught on the ride
  • Something strange came out, and I like it.. but only the chorus, not too happy with the verse
  • it’s nothing like creating a bridge from the last album .. waaa T_T
  • Anyways, I’ll post it.


I have some extra help coming my way too. I have found someone that is going to help me mix down some tracks, which I’ll talk about tomorrow. He is also going to send through his process of mixing. I’ve also found someone to master my tracks on the final day (28th). Very excited and can’t wait to see how this all pans out


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3 Responses to “#Rpm Day13 Song9 V1”

  1. Jonathan Scary Says:

    Caught a ref to this on Twitter, so stopped by for a listen. Really great. Can’t believe you made the drum sounds from “chopped up instruments”. What a great idea – sure to get a unique drum sound doing that.

    Posting this before clicking around the site, so probably answer my own question in a moment – your vocals?

  2. hunz Says:

    Thanks man. Yeah, it’s all my vox. Thank you.

  3. FlesHBoX Says:

    Very nice. I dig :)

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