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#Rpm Day12 Song8 V4

I’m going back to work on this song until I get some sleep, but I’m just enjoying where this Song8 took me. If you listen back you’ll hear that start, and then listen to yesterday and then today. It’s like chalk and cheese (i think that’s the lamest saying but ‘meh who I am to change things .. lol). The chorus is a bit, err, jazzish and um. So hard to describe. I think I tread this line of being really commercial, and it scares me. I really just want to push electronic music, not sound like some pop sensation.


There is no list today. I just wrote and got lost in the music, and I enjoy that the most when it’s teaching me things, and I’m tapping out beats and quickly adding chns and adding new percussion here and there. So enjoy.


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If you haven’t already and you felt like it, vote for me at Garage to V. It’s the last days ,and I guess we’ll see if I get to play the V festival.


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3 Responses to “#Rpm Day12 Song8 V4”

  1. D. Says:

    Ooo… just listened to this in the headphones for the first time. I can so see this live with all of you rocking out that ending.

  2. FlesHBoX (Jesse) Says:

    I’m a bit indifferent so far about this one, though I was listening to the crappy speaker built into my work computer. I’ll load it up at home ont he surround sound :)

  3. hunz Says:

    Hehe, yeah. I’m guessing not every song will be everyone’s cup o tea. Let me know how it goes on the other set up. Thanks Jesse.

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