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#Rpm Day11 Song8 V3

It’s been really muggy and hot here in brisbane. When I get home the heat in the house takes a few hours to go away. I don’t like summer at all, it’s so blerg. I created a strong beat build up that may or may not link into Song8 v1. I may ditch that movement as I find it a little cliche, sorry if you like it. Not much tonight, just a beat with bass. I can’t wait to hear this fresh later on and hear a really great melody over the top of it. I think I’ll save it and wait till I forget it.


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Hunz Song8 V3

  • Working on sketch 08
  • Want to see if it’s going to go somewhere
  • sound card crashed
  • 3 reboots and then I changed Fire wire ports
  • Seems to be ok, will check the other port later.
  • Getting feedback from the beat
  • Adding a tonne of Scream Filter passes in it.
  • Just added more and more layers of beats
  • Changed the bass to trigger repetitive mood out
  • Like it but can’t seem to find a good vocal line
  • will approach this later.
  • Close file.


I feeling a bit over it tonight but I know that’s the heat. Work has been so full on that it just zaps the passion out of you when you get home but I’ll try to inject that frustration into melodies instead.


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  1. FlesHBoX (Jesse) Says:

    I’m liking this one. It’s got a pseudo industrial groove thing going on. Sounds like a good lead in for something that could go heavy or soft.

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