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#Rpm Day3 Song4 v3

On the way home I was in such a great mood for composing. I had melodies swirling around my head. I got home and started singing in the mic and playing a bit on some preloaded piano samples (sigh). I thought I had locked in a winner. What ended up happening is just yucky. I fought and fought with this piece so much. It changed key 3 times, and then notes started clashing as bass lines just wouldn’t seem to fit together. I was going to output everything, but I didn’t start time logging :cry:

I finally gave in and just let it be and out popped this. I don’t know how I feel about it; it felt like no effort went into the final piece. I think that’s what it’s all about in the end but still. I think I’ve done this before, and I’m worried .. I’ll just let it sit for a bit. No lyrics yet just rambles. Enjoy as I recover from my argument with melodies.

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Hunz RPM04 03

  • Heard a melody in my head.
  • Loaded up Piano sample
  • found a nice companation of sounds
  • Sketching out a melody on piano
  • Made it 6/8
  • Writing lyrics
  • Melody might be too high
  • Trying to sing it.
  • It’s out of sync and I can’t find the 1st.
  • Find the riff Irritating now
  • Rendering it to sample to chop it up.
  • Chopping up.
  • Hand drawing Rough Sine wave
  • Found a Vocal line.
  • Dinner – Fluffy eggs laid by my chicken!
  • Found clashes that I don’t like piano cut up vrs Sine wave.
  • Fixed Base Piano notes for re sampling for cut up.
  • Getting pretty frustrated.
  • Found a new chord progression in my frustration. It’s ok but not , errr T_T
  • Made an even more cliche progression imo
  • I started playing around more with the chords
  • found something I think I’ve done before T_T
  • No drums yet just some click.
  • It’s taking on a nice mood now
  • I think I like it .. Mmm..
  • Rushing this track to make my deadline tonight.
  • Havn’t even named the channels .. Bad hunz.
  • Rendering ready for upload

So I’m dog tired but hanging in there. I’m not as optimistic, but people tell me I’m ahead. Till next time.

FasterLouder Review

I really had a great night. The show just connected on so many levels, and I’m in awe of this review. If you get a chance, come and see me play at the same venue this Friday night. Thank you.

The Troubadour – 24 Jan

The Australia Day long weekend has well and truly arrived and after wading through hordes of inebriated Valley revellers, The Troubadour’s cosy, red velvet-adorned stage is a welcome sight. With firm knowledge that fantastic support acts are a Troub tradition, tonight’s independent music extravaganza kicks off in fine style as local laptop guru-cum-Thom Yorke’s spiritual compadre Hunz assumes control. Augmented by spiralling 5-string bass runs and tasty, trigger-assisted drums, the facial hair-sporting, keyboard-ambushing artist unleashes a number of thoroughly convincing, melodically complex numbers with twice the fire that Pivot usually allow for, gaining a number of new disciples (including this writer) in the process.

Next on, fellow Brisbanites Gladstone & Lochaber should have probably learned that sheer earnestness does not compensate for near-total absence of crowd interaction, no matter how heroic their stage antics or guitar workouts are. Despite drawing a considerable number of people to the stage, the majority of G&L’s reverb/echo-heavy set collapses into a sludgy, predictable indie-rock stew which is only somewhat spiced up by a pulsing, airy U2 detour (which is still hardly The Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition) and a French song in open E that manages to successfully marry The Stranglers’ La Folie to Logic Will Break Your Heart-era Stills.

Freddy Mercury circa Bohemian Rhapsody? For real? Sure, why not – stuff The Darkness! The mighty Queen could not perhaps ever thought of better heirs than Melbourne’s [ME], and the immediate general consensus among the packed venue is that the fresh-faced quarted are !@%$ excellent musicians who could give The Fleet Foxes a run for their money with their harmonic vocal interplay (no joke). Whether it’s the histrionic soaring crescendos, juicy Brian May-style hammer-ons and fretboard fireworks or the grandiose, Muse-reminiscent piano breaks, the kids are simply more than alright – they are on fire. Working the heavily perspiring crowd into fervour with their own, exquisite brand of theatrical rock, [ME] apply a killer final touch by executing a tribal triple drum assault. Get back to Brissy soon boys – you !%$# rock! Review


Tweet Interview at Geek Force Five

@johnherman shouted out for some twitter interviews regarding progress for the RPM Challenge. I wrote back, and he then posted the interview on Thank you, John! You can see the screen grabs in all their glory at the link below.

#Rpm Day2 Song3 v1

Wow, I was so tired when I got home. I came into work early, got up at 6am, I know it’s not THAT early but I’m a musician so, err, shut it. Then left early to get home at around 5pm to start another music sketch up.
I got REALLY annoyed at the loop (or was I annoying it?) while I was working on this tune and then after dinner it all fell into place. I personally blame the kick (which is a bad motown tom) because it had so many BAD frequencies in it that .. well, hearing it so much hurt my alpha and beta waves in my brain, no?. This tune is getting there, it has some motown moments. I love soul music so I do anything to inject it into my music ..

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Hunz RPM03 01

  • Trying to create something heavy and strange
  • Found Loop that has some nice tones in it
  • Chopping loop into chunks
  • Created Kick Pattern
  • Created Snare Hits
  • This loop is making me feel sick T_T
  • keep going
  • Created Hat Movement
  • Can hear some syncopation hits in the drum beat
  • Took character from kick drum for bass sample
  • Tuned bass sample to Middle C
  • Drawing in Bass sample
  • Created Bass Groove
  • Changing Drums to bring out the best in it.
  • Not feeling any feedback from the track
  • Pulled a nice synth line
  • Used FM synth sound to enhance the synthline
  • Created a nice bunch of synth notes that then changed the bass around.
  • think this might be the chorus.
  • Verse ideas – next.
  • Just realized I haven’t saved O_o
  • Built up certain parts, some bass freq’s are conflicting
  • the bass I snatched from the kick drum is a bit broken
  • Break for dinner – Thank you understanding wife!!!
  • Recorded vocals
  • I can’t explain but it just sounds better. I blame food!
  • Complicating the song out with all the parts I can hear. MoTown backing vocals here we come
  • Taking away parts and arranged better for verse.
  • Completed Sketch.


Couldn’t take this morphine
Even if it’s a craze
I’m so dumb I’m trying
to keep up with my age
I’m so dark from hiding
But I’ve turned out ok
so much is overdone it’s
all feeling tame

See you same time tomorrow O_o. I hope they don’t all start sounding the same .. PHEAR. Over the weekend I’ll attempt to output each pattern before I change it and then do a similar thing but with time break downs but you’ll get to hear it . . . phew.

Hunz @ The Troubadour… FRIDAY

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#Rpm Day1 Song1 v1 & Song2 v2

So getting up early was out, I slept in till 8:30 and then proceeded to clean up a bit so I could get into the mood of song writing. So I started, it was rough but I did manage to get 2 songs out. Here is what happened .. (errr, it’s a bit boring :-P )

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Hunz RPM01 01

  • drew a sample on the screen.
  • split up the highs and the lows with a send.
  • pushed the highs into a panning stereo situation.
  • created a chord progression.
  • didn’t create a vibe for me.
  • found a nice loop from a sample cd.
  • cut it up.
  • reprogrammed / pitched shifted everything around and made a beat.
  • drew a bass sample.
  • got those 2 working together.
  • felt the vibe.
  • created chords and melodies.
  • started singing out a basic melody.
  • scraped the singing.
  • listened again found something nicer.
  • as the loop played I sung the chorus
  • I then shifted the song around the singing I had created.
  • I completed my 1st sketch and moved on.


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Hunz RPM 02 02

  • found an old hiphop loop
  • cut up the loop into fragments
  • split out the drums
  • created a snare split (highs/lows)
  • used the hihats really low with the snare to create some body
  • found a neat button I’ve never seen before in renoise autoamp
  • Starting playing with it and noticed it reaches a threshold and created FM distortion like stuff
  • created a melody around this
  • created another melody that is more me
  • Everything locked together
  • Sung over the top of everything and sung a chorus over the verse
  • Wrote a chord progression for the chorus

As you can hear, I mix as I write. It helps me get into the mood of the song and hear where it wants to take me. When I started this morning I also opened up the Bible to Joshua and I gazed down on its words. ‘Terrified’ was the word I connected with. It’s such and awesome word, that best described uncertainty in time of change and economic sadness.

Am feeling very optimistic. I feel like I could do this. Hope you guys enjoy it. Let me know what you think of the tunes.