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Rave Magzine Review + Album is in Rocking Horse

A live review of the yeo and the fresh goods show. A big thanks to everyone for shifting venues with us due to flooding in bar soma. I had such a wonderful night and watching yeo perform was the highlight for me. Rave did a review of the show and they liked me .. yay! You can read it here.

The Press Club – Thu Nov 20

A last-minute venue change finds a redirected crowd gathering at a crowded Press Club instead of a flooded BarSoma. The night’s set times are shortened and the artists are forced onstage with minimal soundcheck time, but Game Boy instrumentalist and Guitar Hero extraordinaire Dot.AY cares not. Audio technician duties are ably handled by a chilled guy perched atop a milk crate side-of-stage, while the man onstage thrashes away amid his clever handheld creations. Our inner video game nerd collectively smiles and applauds.

Hunz augments electronic samples with his unique voice and live drum and bass to produce an enchanting sound. Why haven’t we heard him earlier? Blame ineffective promotion, blame infrequent performances; it doesn’t matter, as there’s several dozen new fans appreciating the trio’s thoughtful, restrained pieces. The frontman graciously accepts our hastily-spent cash in exchange for his remarkable debut, When Victims Fight.

The show’s relocation proves somewhat of a blessing in disguise, as regular club patrons are introduced to music they’d otherwise not have heard. The vast majority are enjoying the unexpected entertainment, which is best exemplified several songs into Yeo & The Freshgoods’ album launch: shoeless girls are dancing on tables and others are scaling couches to better observe the five-piece induce incessant movement and enthusiasm. Prolific multi-instrumentalist Yeo Choong and his talented band fuse elements of a dozen genres across a highly engaging performance. Storms, water damage and frowning men in suits be damned: tonight’s show is submerged in success.


Rave Review

The other great news is! We are in rocking horse so if you live in brisbane and havn’t been able to pick up the album you can go into the rocking horse and pick up a copy.
Thanks everyone

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    Just found this blog mate.. hoping to catch you live again sometime soon!

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