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Album Review – Timeoff Magazine

Have to mention a glowing review from the local street mag here in Australia – Time Off. Pick it up this week if you want to read it OR just click the link here [search for hunz on the page]. Thanks Time off ..

When Victims Fight

Hunz is a Brisbane musician who has been playing with demos and electronic music for 20 years. Let’s use life as a metaphor to describe his musical journey – born alongside the birth of computer music, he and the genre both strongly influenced each other as impressionable toddlers do. Next came the teenage angst years (which many of us can identify with) when Hunz’s musical life took a turn; he formed the hard rock band Beanbag and toured around the States. Then, things began got heavy and Hunz began to outgrow this emo phase, so he returned home to settle down and get back to his roots. When Victims Fight is a combination of all his influences and musical life experiences, somewhat like a midlife crisis (a point meant in a purely positive manner).

When Victims Fight is slightly uncomfortable, yet strangely moving – full of deep and dark electronic tunes that make your skin crawl. Hunz was one of the pioneers of mixing vocals with tracking and has perfected this talent with this album. He uses demos from a range of tracks and his captivating vocals give each song a tone which is distinctly his own. It seems to be a very personal album; both the style and the lyrics indicate Hunz’s self-searching and experimenting. ‘Rise’ is a highlight, tapping into both rock and techno beats and using vocal layering throughout the mystical chorus “You reap what you know”.

Influenced by Kate Bush, Teflon Tele Aviv, Bjork and the general sounds of any computer musician, this album sits somewhere between Radiohead and Aphex Twin. Hunz’s style is edgy and progressive and the album is ultimately both interesting and moving.


Timeoff Magazine Review

I’m back from my break/vacation/holiday and we have a few shows before the year ends so I hope to see you there and stuff .. yay!

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